Abstract Portrait Paintings by Claudia Rose

“Peace is a woman, mother to the world.” ~

Tara Singh

Every morning in meditation, I wrap the world in love. I send love from my heart to every person, animal, plant, and mineral. I imagine the earth herself wrapped in a cloak of love. So it makes sense to send a blessing with every piece of art. They, too, go out into the world to places I cannot control to fulfill their mission of spreading love. 

Claudia Rose

This is is the message that our Featured Artist this week puts out into the world on a regular basis.  Her name is Claudia Rose and she doesn’t work alone.  Her work is more of a ministry than a means to make a living.  This is near and dear to my heart because I also believe greatly in what is around us that we cannot see and Rose works to spread words that her “Messengers of Love” give to her to bring to the world.  The message above is the blessing Rose sends out to each of us daily during her meditation time in an effort to spread this energy that is out of our vision but within our hearts all at once.

If you visit her Instagram Account you might call it Instagram Inspirations from Rose and her Messengers of Love.  Take a look below for a preview, you can click to make these full pages.  Each of her Messengers has something to tell us…whether we hear it or not is us to us…but Rose and her Messengers are definitely doing their part.

Here’s What Rose has to say about her journey….


Art That Heals
Artist BIO

Claudia Rose is a southern California native born in 1951. Every member of her immediate family was creative as a painter, cabinet maker, furniture designer or style consultant. Rose began her art career as a figure model and completed a B.F.A. in Studio Art from U.C. Irvine in 1976. She learned classical drawing from John Paul Jones, a premier draughtsman and printmaker. She spent years exploring sculpture in fiber and steel before devoting a decade to sculpting her body with exercise.
Body sculpting resulted in Rose winning the first women’s California Bodybuilding Championship in 1980, runner-up in the American Championships of the same year. In 2006, she was inducted into the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. She was an editor of 
Shape and Muscle & Fitness magazines, and was featured in publications such as 
People magazine, 
Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times and 
Le Figaro. Her television appearances included 
Good Morning, America, Wide World of Sports, ABC World News, HBO Sports Special, and the
Merv Griffin Show.
Her exposure to sports psychology led Rose to pursue a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology. Her studies included a training program in Expressive Art Therapy with artist and therapist, Barbara Dobrin, Ph.D. It was with Dr. Dobrin that she deepened her appreciation of the power of art to heal and transform. In the 1980’s, Rose completed numerous acrylic, charcoal and pastel commissions of pets and children. Several paintings were sold to collectors in Laguna Hills and Newport Beach.
In 1989, she experienced a spiritual awakening that resulted in a meditation practice and the emergence of healing gifts. At this time, Rose was invited to become a member of the council of elders called the Midwives of Mankind. As one of the council’s representatives, Dr. Rose completed a ten-year apprenticeship in Emotional Healing.
 Art-making took a backseat during her apprenticeship. Like people of many cultures, she experiences ancestors as elders, who are alive and present, part of everyday life. They invited her to tap into a deep vein of ancient wisdom.
 For the next decade, Dr. Rose applied her education as a social worker, speaker, author and child abuse investigator. She became a certified holistic counselor, meditation teacher, ordained minister and creator of several books, meditation tapes, videos and training programs
Another 10+ years were spent away from art-making as a California real estate agent and broker. For her, real estate was a creative pursuit as she helped individuals and families find home, a place of comfort and security. During this time, she earned an Executive Certificate in Voluntary Leadership from Chapman University and Certificate for Professional Advancement in Philanthropy from the La Sierra University School of Business. She also co-founded the 
Fairy Godmother 
Guild, an organization that empowers women (and men) to share their light and wisdom in a joyful way.
 As an intuitive medium, Rose eventually felt called back to art-making as a means of transmitting healing energy into homes and offices in a more profound way than as a social worker or real estate agent. She works primarily in acrylic, oil and cold wax, pastel and graphite.
In addition to her own spiritual practice as a source of inspiration, Dr. Rose is inspired by her travels to the great cathedrals, temples, churches and museums of the world. She resonates with sacred art from all cultures and periods and feels deep gratitude for the all artists who went before.
Claudia is especially moved by the first mixed media artists, the Paleolithic cave painters, who used charcoal, ochre and other earth pigments to leave their marks in textured layers. She also feels a special affinity with the unknown artists of the Fayum mummy portraits, which are warm and engaging after nearly 2,000 years.
 The art of Claudia Rose is a testimony of her experience: “Everyone who passed before you is here for you now. Their wisdom and love are without end.”
May my art be an invitation to deepen your relationship with Self. May you be reminded, as if by a whisper or gentle touch, to hold yourself in reverence, seeing your body and your very life as a sanctuary for the Divine.
 May you receive my art as a blessing from me to you. Together, may we help expand love on earth and heal the wounded heart wherever it may be found. 

To me, art-making is sacred work. My mixed-media paintings and prints are my way of sending blessings into the world. I attended art school over 40 years ago. In the early 1980s, I went from sculpting in steel to refining my physique as living sculpture. As a pioneer female bodybuilder, I displayed my performance art on national television, and in both national and international publications. After a decade in social work and many years in business, I have returned to art-making with the intention to expand love on earth and heal the wounded heart wherever it may be found.

Claudia Rose

Another favorite thing I find about Rose’s mission is her little “Post It Notes” that she will sporadically post for the world…here are a few…

Posted with the Release of her book……….Like giving someone a compass to find a true north on life’s path!”? I just brought back “Daughter of Spirit, Daughter of Peace: a prayer for humanity”. The little book sold out years ago. I updated the text, made new covers, and released it on Amazon. You can read it there for free or buy it as an ebook or paperback. “Daughter of Spirit, Daughter of Peace” offers women freedom from fear by reminding them of their inner wisdom and power to bring peace to the world. Guided by spiritual ancestors and my own higher self, I share a message of hope for humanity. In this inspirational little book, the words sink into the soul, like an intimate conversation with a wise grandmother who sees your light even when you cannot. This updated 2018 edition includes guided meditations and processes to help remove blocks to self-love. Readers are invited to join me on a Mission of Love to uplift humanity with the power of love.

The world needs love and it starts with you!? 

CLICK this link to get her latest book, “Daughter of Spirit, Daughter of Peace: a prayer for humanity”.

Here’s a small sample preview for you!

Now for some more of her beautiful Work…Here’s a video that I think fits quite well with the motif of seen and unseen, the soul and beyond, the words these Messengers of love have to share….

Rose also like to have a little fun with her Ladies and the limitless number of Apps out thereThey know how to have fun too….!

I have not only enjoyed writing about Claudia Rose but have been inspired by her.  If we all “wrapped the world in Unconditional Love” each day…who knows…..follow Claudia Rose and her Messengers of Love at the links below and promise you life will be




So I leave you with her words…..

I am called by the elders, my ancestors known as the Midwives of Mankind. I hear them whisper in my ear, poke my shoulder, and emerge in my sketchbook. They want me to share their wisdom again…

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As always Love and Peace and Keep Creating!  See you next time!


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“È l’opposto della guerra non la pace, è una creazione!” ~ Affitto

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