Artworks of Jacob D Hostetler; New Beginnings Relaunch!

Art is my life, it’s my career, my relief from that sound of war in my head.

Jacob Hostetler

Our Artist this week is one not only of great talent but of great perseverance, the strength of mind and will. 

This is his story of his New Beginning, His Relaunch in life and in Art.  After serving the US armed forces bravely he returned home and used art as, quote “relief from that sound of war in my head.”

His Strength and Perseverance went on when he lost his entire home and studio to a fire.  Most of his original pieces were lost.  I, as an artist can’t even imagine this situation.   He‘s working and rebuilding as we speak.  Following his Facebook, you can see his progress in his New Beginning, His Relaunch!

Before we take a full look at his story, let’s check out some of his Amazing Work!

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Now enjoy the art and I’ve thrown in some links I’m affiliated with..a girl’s gotta make a living!  So use them if you like, if not just enjoy the art and this man’s story.

Here’s our interview with Jacob, press full screen for a better experience. Press escape to come back…

The first place you should stop in Here’s what you’ll find to welcome you…

Hello, everyone

Jacob’s first experience with art was through his Grandpa, Arthur R. Hostetler, a freelance writer, and Graphic Designer. Jacob has done exhibits and art contest in Jr high and High School, he went on to earn his GED in 1995. In 1996 Jacob went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated two years later with Associates degree in Visual Communications. After graduation, he joined the Army in December of 1998 and was active duty for 3 years, then Jacob transferred; in 2002 to the Ohio National Guard. Then Jacob found himself back in college. In 2003, Jacob enrolled in the Masters of Fine Art Program at Cleveland Institute of Art. At the end of his first semester, Jacob was deployed to Iraq. Returning after deployment in March of 2005, Jacob transferred to Youngstown State University in May of 2008. Graduated with Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Studio Art, with Minors in Art History, Graphic Design, and Contemporary Painting. In the Fall of 2013, Jacob earned a Master’s of Fine Art in Illustration from Academy of Art University and has been an Adjunct Fine Art Instructor with Eastern Gateway Community College ever since. Jacob has been studying in some fashion of art or another since his early art lesson with his Grandpa, and that was 40 years ago.

Personnel note: December 15 2017 many works was lost in studio fire

On this site you will find his artwork, so please take a look around, and don’t forget to visit the store.

To visit That Store CLICK HERE

Below you’ll find the rest of Jacob’s links…They are a MUST…his work is so diverse, it’s quite impressive.  But to me what’s most impressive is where his art is coming from…the heart of a soul that has seen many things that most of us can’t imagine, suffered the loss of most of his possessions including priceless paintings and has had the determination, passion and will to keep his art out there for others to see.  I’m so proud that Jacob wanted to work with me.  I love all my artists, they are adding up and Jacob has taken a special place in my heart as well.  THANK YOU Jacob for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

I never thought when I started this that I would get so much out of it…I’m in such a small space in Milano that my own art has taken a back seat for awhile so I wanted to just show everyone some great art!  I never imagined for a moment that I would gather a group of people I call friends.  I hope all my artists are reading this and know that I truly care for all of you!

OK…Enough of the sap and here’s some great links!!!

Facebook BocajStudios

Facebook Art of Jacob



Google Plus LOVE this one!


If you reference an alternative artwork but create something new there’s no problem, but if you reference a piece of work and it screams the reference then you lost your voice and just copied someone else’s. There a difference between having a reference and copying a style. In this post-modern contemporary art world of ours, When it becomes an offense to see a new style then all is lost. But I’m just an artist finding his way, what do I know?

Jacob Hostetler

Now everyone knows  I always have a favorite and I have to say Jacob’s Military work touches me deeply…but I’m going for an honorable mention this post…who can NOT love this…

Please SHARE with us in the comments section what you got out of this article!  We’re a family, let’s share! We’ve all used art to overcome times in our lives that were difficult… Share your story below!

As Always…My links are below and As always Peace and Love and Keep Creating!

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“È l’opposto della guerra non la pace, è una creazione!” ~ Affitto

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