Digital Abstract Artist… Only Motif: Julius Thomas

Ciao Friends!  Welcome to our next Featured Artist Post.  We have an extremely talented Digital Abstract Artist that you just have to see to believe…not to mention read about his beginning, his influences and process.  

Here’s just a taste to get us going….

It is as true to me as it was all those years ago. One foot in front in front of the other, the only obstacle is yourself.

Juliius Thomas

Not bad so far huh?  But there’s a lot more to come!

Below is Julius’ interview.  It is one of the most profound and poetic expressions of an artist that I’ve heard in a long time. 

What impressed me most is that he didn’t just name famous artists that he liked…he explains how and why they influenced him.

Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, David Carson, Alan Watts, Will Smith and Joe Rogan to name a few

Each in their own way,

Dali taught me that the one thing out of my control is time and not to waste it.

Picasso to never give up on yourself even when others don’t see your vision.

Monet taught me about control, composition, and balance.

Pollock that something could be both chaotic and methodical.

Warhol taught me to believe in myself and that anyone could be an artist.

Carson to not take myself or graphic design too seriously and that rules were meant to be broken.

Alan watts taught me that each one of the men on this list battled with insecurity and identity crises. That Little old me is capable of a hell of a lot more than he gives himself credit for.

Will Smith and Joe Rohan have some of the greatest motivational speeches online that along with many other podcasts really changed my perspective for the better.

Julius Thomas

So just press the center button for enlarge and you can read His entire interview.  I think you’ll love it!

Here are some more images that art portrait in Nature.  The combination of digital and mixed media to me is amazing…

Now the great part… He sells clothing with his work on it!

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And of course that couldn’t be all….not with this guy!  When you visit HERE you’ll get the pleasure of some interesting audio mixed media, with quotes, music and one of a kind combinations!  Here’s a couple of examples…

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Julius’ world, his beginning, his inspirations, his process, and his success… Below you’ll find all his contact information and I encourage you to not only go look around at his artwork, listen to his audio creations, but go shopping as well!

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As always Love and Peace and Keep Creating!  See you next time!


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