Featured Artist: Gustavo Estrada
Featured Artist: Gustavo Estrada

Featured Artist: Gustavo Estrada

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This week you’re in for a great treat!  Gustavo Estrada is our Featured Artist!  As I was going through his work and trying to choose images to use, it became more and more difficult as they were all so amazing….so I suggest you visit his Facebook and Instagram for his full collection. However here’s just a quick view to wet you palette

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Now don’t worry that was just a sneak peek, but before we see more, let’s have a look at what Gustavo had to say about his work and his process…and a few other things…

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What is your background? How has your life and your past affected your work today?

I’m a Guatemalan artist, grew up in Guatemala City during the years of the armed conflict, and though I didn’t lived in the conflict areas we grew up in a partially hostile environment. Also I grew up in an artistic family, my dad loved working with wood and my mother with ceramics, me, I loved cartoons. All these of course affect my work today, I see some of my work as bit violent but with spring, vivid colors; others are dark with a view of hope. It is a compass looking at both sides of a story.

Who are your biggest influences?

I love Picasso, and enjoy a lot Rothko. Also an uncle of mine who is a Guatemalan creator, works a lot with geometry and that I grew up seeing. Love to paint with music, depending on the mood, the variety goes from Classical through Pink Floyd to extremes like Marilyn Manson.

What projects are you working on now?

I started painting acrylics and watercolors about 12 years ago, and every time I say to myself: I should do something completely different, I find a new part of my style, right now I’m doing part of my paintings with vegetables instead of brushes, so it is a never ending evolution of my style and I’m very happy with it.

What are your favorite mediums?

I prefer acrylics, because I like (or try) to finish paintings in one day, if possible. Also I love adding nails and wire to my pieces.

Where are you finding ideas for your work these days?

From everywhere, markets, riding trains, hearing music or reading, and spaces like Instagram have an immense range of painters that before you could never reach or get to see and interact.

How do you work? What is your process?

To Explain what I do, well it is very spontaneous when I start painting, but most of them I cook them up in my head for days, I sketch a little before, but I prefer to just give it all on the actual piece.

I try to take my everyday experience and transform it paintings, things I see, cultures I experience, I like playing with materials and try to use them in a different way than they were meant to be. I try to be as unconventional as possible, like the stage that I am right now, working vegetables as brushes or spatula

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Here’s a series that I love and wanted to share with you, but wait my very favorite series is coming up!  But in this one Toro (The Bull) is my favorite, especially the detail small one.  I’ve already told each artist a print I want to buy from them when I get the money, and the detail of that bull, well, let’s just say, I’ll find a way to get it!


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So here we are and below is a series of Thirteen painting with a lovely them and I would buy them all if I could.  They just moved me somehow…in some abstract way they just touch my heart and they appeal to my aesthetic as well.  This never serves my husband’s pocketbook well… This is the Desde el Espejismo Series with some detail shots thrown in.



So like I suggested you might want to go visit Gustavo’s sites and see more of his work on the following platforms…




gustov dividing line III

As Always, Peace & Light & Keep Creating!


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“È l’opposto della guerra non la pace, è una creazione!” ~ Affitto

And don’t forget to post your thoughts about Gustavo’s work on the comments below or on any of the platforms on which you might be reading this.


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