Featured Artist Phyllis Moon
Featured Artist Phyllis Moon
Featured Artist Phyllis Moon
Featured Artist Phyllis Moon
Featured Artist Phyllis Moon

Featured Artist Phyllis Moon

Phyllis Moonlady – Art & Music

Phyllis is a talented mixed media artist and art trainer who’s work I get to enjoy through the Facebook Group “Mixed Media Art Journey”

Here’s what Phyllis has to say about her work…..

As an artist, I channel my creativity through art, singing and dance.

Artists are able to truly transform the world. As a U.S. trained commercial artist, fashion illustrator and photo-art blogger, I enjoy combining works of art that I create by hand, together with digital editing using Adobe Creative Suite.

Yet it is painting, mixed media and handcrafted textiles and fibre art that I enjoy best. Creativity has no limits and can be found everywhere in nature, which inspires me.

Using such techniques as monotype prints, collage, illustration, pattern design, stamping, paint and beadwork on handcrafted silk paintings, canvas, decorative textile cases & pillows and art doll charms.

My work has been exhibited in various galleries in the Stuttgart area, together with the German – American artist’s group. I also perform singing with my Jazz, Swing & Latin Trio, ‘Silvermoon’ at art show openings / Vernissage und other events.

ArtMasters allows people to come together for one moment in time and to enjoy the process of creativity as a group. It is this fellowship, in a fun and relaxed setting of creating art which contributes to making the world a much more beautiful place.

Thank you ArtMasters!

PS: More details from Phyllis at  www.phyllismoonlady.com

Here are some of her pieces that I just love…

She also teaches and events are listed on her site…Looks so fun!

phyllis teaching

On her site, you’ll also find:

Online Shop
Fashion Illustration
Mini Paintings on Canvas
Photo-ART Musicians / Fotokunst Musiker
Hendrix Textile Painting
Contact/Kontakt – Imprint/Impressum

So give Phyllis’s site a visit and check out her Facebook Page…You won’t be sorry!

PS…of course my favorite of hers is her Hummingbird!  She won me over immediately with this one!

phyllis 3

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