Inspiration Boards Ideas; Let’s get back to that Inspiration board on your wall and fill it!

Inspiration Boards Ideas; Let’s get back to that Inspiration board on your wall and fill it!

Hello Friends…I looked at my Art Inspiration Ideas Board on my wall today and you know what, it doesn’t inspire me…It needs to be revamped…so I thought we could to it together.  Are you in?

I usually start with the net…I think we all do… So let’s start with the obvious first…Pinterest

It’s easy to get lost in Pinterest but it can also be a valuable tool for inspiration.  While you click on the link I will be too and I will pick one item to add to my board…you can do the same…

My first Pick
Published April 25, 2016
Written by The Jealous Curator

So you can my first pick up on my board (with credit to the artist listed below.  This piece is very much my style and color palette and I kept it for that reason.

The next is one of my favorites and always a reliable source will There’s nothing you can’t find on Artist’s Network, and they even have a page for inspiration! Click Here

Artists Network

You make your pick and I’ll make mine…

As you can see here I made my pick from an article on the Art Inspiration Page provided by Artists Network…one of many… To credit that image it was from an Article called 8 Ways To Boost Your Creativity.

If you do look around Artists Network and find something, and I’m sure you will, it’s a never-ending source of supplies, books, tutorials and inspiration. If you’d consider Clicking below and I get a portion of anything you might like…I swear by this Network and I think you’ll see, I’m right!! 

Shop Artists Network
I loved this idea, so now it’s on my board below…

So now I found this video and the girl’s a little quirky at first but she has some great ideas!  So while you watch I’m going to pin on my board the best advice I think she gives on this video!

Ok, after watching that, did you get any good ideas…Well as you’ll see my favorite posted to my board is…

YES…if I could ever tell you just one thing as an artist it is READ THE ARTIST’S WAY BY JULIA CAMERON.  It will change who you are as an artist.  This I promise you.

Ok, so let’s play with color palette a bit…every board needs a color palette on it…so Let’s CLICK HERE and find one to add to our board.  Here are a Few to Try… Google or ColorMind IO

I found mine on Google at..

5 Perfect Winter Wedding Color Palette Ideas

These were my choices and I like how they brought objects in at part of the pallet with fabric swatches as well. They are pinned on my board and ready to go.  What did you find?

This next site is called CREATIVE BOOM… You can even sign up for their newsletter and have inspiration mailed to your inbox daily!  Let’s get a little crazy and see what we find in here

Mine came from an article about this Artist: 

Hiroshi Sato’s clever geometric paintings that look as though they have been folded

Written byKaty Cowan

I was fascinated by his style and I desperately want the secret to his “Folded look” technique…so I might do some playing around to get this effect…so it goes on my board.

OK now to finish up we need a couple of inspirational quotes…I live by them, and I know you all do too.  We’re artists, we love our quotes!


Click above and see what you find for your board…

These are the ones I found and I just love them…they touched me in a way  I needed today, so on the board they go…

So, how does your board look?  Did you take notes, did you save images or links from some of the articles, did you make a digital board like I did?

Please SHARE with us in the comments section what you got out of this article!  We’re a family, let’s share!  

I do hope you found the links I gave you useful and will truly find inspiration from them…My links are below and As always Peace and Love and Keep Creating!

Windy Kai


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