PDF Free Reader Download… A New Way To Get Your Work Out There! Part I

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Recently I’ve discovered a new way to get my blog posts out into cyberland besides your usual Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…we all know the list goes on and on!

Well, thanks to some new websites I’ve come across I’ve been about to convert my posts into a PDF Free Reader Download.

Websites, that we’ll go through and I’ll show you examples and options, like LinkShare, Isuuu, Scribd, Print Friendly, Publitas, Jump Share, Edocr, DocStock, Academia.edu, Docdroid, pdfy.

So let’s get started and get your posts out there on these free reader download sites. There are viewers waiting!

Let’s begin with how to get your posts into PDF or Ebook form…

The easiest, but a little difficult to manage images, is Print Friendly

Here’s what you’ll see upon entry…

You have a page where you simply drop in the link to the post you want to convert…

Unfortunately, sometimes there are problems with images and how they transform during the download process….so it is a hit and miss site.  It can be great and it can be not so great!  But this one turned out great!

wkhummingbirdstudios.com-Artist Promotional ServicesBe a Featured Artist

So now that you know how to turn your posts into PDF’s or even Ebooks…let’s see how we can turn them into views and even money!

Let’s start with Slideshare:

Here’s the link to my actual upload: 

Click Here

You can share on all social media and also embed these into your posts like this: But just posting it on Slideshare your PDF will get you plenty of Clicks.  In the time it took me to upload this onto SlideShare and get it on this post, I already had one download and 28 views…in less than ten minutes.

When you enter the website you do have to sign in for a free account and they work in conjunction with Linkedin.  Noted Below are some of the Features…

This SlideShare ended up with the following analytics in just a few days later.:

Let’s move on with Issuu:  Issuu is one of my favorites because it has so many options.  They have a free plan, you can upload without even creating an account, also several levels of paid plans if you’re interested. 

In the paid plan you can even sell your PDFs and bring in a nice amount of money if done right. 

After you sign up, following the link above, you’re taken to this site.

If you do create an account you can upload and have the following profile…

And now you can not only have your posts in PDF form for all to see you can embed them into your other posts…this is my Featured Artists Packet with everything included in my package.

Here’s a small version of the embedded and animated Ebook…Click at the bottom for full page view!

Ok so now let’s look at Scribd…another favorite…

Here’s what you’ll see upon entry…  

I’ve already created an account so…you won’t see a profile…but once you do create a free one…her’s what your profile will look like.

You’ll see all my website and social media links… and two posts I have on there…let’s look at the stats on one of my PDFs…

As you can see this PDF has gotten 249 views…views I wouldn’t have had on my website…  Imagine the possibilities!

OK, so we’ve learned how to turn our posts into PDFs and share them online with three different sites…

There are several other sites that also provide this service and we will go over them in the next post…so please make sure you follow our site and come back for more. And don’t forget there are many readers available for reading PDF’s and Ebooks on your various devices.

All my links are available below…follow us and check out our services in the menu…  And don’t forget to come back for more ways to convert your posts into money and views!

And ask will all my heart for comments below…let me know if you’ve tried any of the sites and how they’ve worked out for you…comment below about any other sites you’ve heard of or any other thoughts.  I’d Love to hear from you!

As always Love and Peace and Keep Creating!  See you next time!


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