This Week… Petra Hartman
This Week… Petra Hartman
This Week… Petra Hartman
This Week… Petra Hartman
This Week… Petra Hartman

This Week… Petra Hartman

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This week we have an extremely talented artist with a unique portrait technique that I’m just dying to steal from her…She also does some amazing florals, that first caught my eye leading me to contact her only to discover her abstract and portrait work as well, that will blow you away!

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Well let’s start with these amazing portraits




For a longer video PLEASE click here for inspiration!

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Here’s what Petra has to say about her work, her life and her inspirations….

I have loved to paint since I was a little kid. I remember drawing a little teddy bear with red dots when I was seven years old – I took part in a painting competition and won. Since then, I knew I was made for painting. 

Art accompanies my daily life: Even though I am working in a hospital and have three children, I always find some time for pursuing my passion.

I never had any special style until one day, my best friend had a very special framework picture for me. It was made of a simple orange background and some natural materials. I really loved it and it inspired me to test if I might like doing this kind of art too.

I tried a lot of things: oil chalk, putty, natural materials like coffee grounds etc., newspaper, napkins – I experimented a lot until I found my way to my acrylic paints.

I preferred painting flowers in every imaginable way: I painted the flowers I got from my family when I had to go to the hospital – they were so beautiful, and I had to leave them there as it is usual in Germany.

I drew pictures of bouquets in vases to learn how to paint the shadows correctly. I painted the flowers in our garden, some abstract ones, sunflowers for my mum, the bouquet my daughter got at her prom… I painted a lot of flowers and I liked it. But there was one day when everything changed.

I was currently working on a new picture (of flowers) when my husband tried to persuade me that going to town to drink some coffee was a good idea. I didn’t want to go first but then he convinced me – you know, drinking coffee is my second passion. Usually, I enjoy drinking coffee without any extras, so there is no need to pay attention to the little sugar sachets.

This day, they were extremely eye-catching, so it was kind of impossible to not pay attention to them: They presented little painted portraits of women wearing hats. I was impressed. The artist, who’s called Sabine Türk by the way, uses a specific spatula technique, which fascinated me immediately. I couldn’t wait until we were home to visit her homepage and find out more about it.

The biggest surprise was that she was offering courses to teach fellow artists her way of painting. I was so glad about getting the opportunity to visit one of her courses very soon.

During the two courses I visited, I made big progress and from then on, I focused on portraits. Through developing my own special spatula technique, I finally found the style I had been looking for my whole life.

Nowadays, I use acrylic paints most of the time and in contrast to a few years ago, I use spatulas or old plastic cards instead of brushes.

Especially, I am fascinated of a musician’s passion for his instrument and I try to express this strong emotion through my painting. Sometimes I start with an abstract picture just to express my feelings and guess what – unintentionally, they always turn out to be pictures of flowers!

So, to put it in a nutshell, although I developed a lot the last years, I am still me and I still love to paint flowers, even if I don’t plan to do it.

I just started publishing my work on Instagram a few months ago; it was in the mid of January when I posted the first picture. Getting feedback on social media gives me new motivation to carry on doing my art.

Presently, I receive orders and I have already sold a few. I love the people’s sparkle in their eyes when I present the portrait I painted of a person they love. This is always such an heartwarming feeling!

Regarding my inspiration, I get my ideas through looking at photos or pictures drawn by other artists which often leads me to try out new things.

What’s also very important to me is the support and the constructive criticism I receive from my family. Even when I’m desperate about a picture that doesn’t look the way I want it to, they encourage and help me to keep on doing.

I think that art is a very amazing way of expressing what you feel or think and to pass those feelings and thoughts to others. Beside this, art opens the door to a different world in which you can ease your mind and be who and what you want to be.

 I just have to say…  WELL SAID PETRA!

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Beautiful Florals, what first caught my attention with Petra…

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And if we haven’t seen enough….Here are some lovely abstracts….

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Now don’t forget to visit Petra at her




Here are some Brands that Petra Uses Click on the image to buy…..

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As always…Peace and Light & Keep Creating!


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