This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott
This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott
This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott
This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott
This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott

This Week’s Featured Artist Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is another Artist I’ve had the pleasure of sharing work with on the Facebook Group Mixed Media Art Journey

I’m especially fond of her new Galaxy Series…..

Here’s what Kendra has to say about her work:

I never considered myself an artist of any kind. Crafty, yes, creative, yes, artist, no. Then my mother in law bought me some watercolor pencils for my birthday in November 2016. The word artist was part of the label. I remember thinking—- “Artist??? How do I use these, in a coloring book?” So I looked on pinterest and saw how to color and activate a rainbow with the pencils. That moment I feel I was born as a baby artist. I LOVED the water bringing the color to life I never thought I could feel so happy about seeing it on paper. I spent the next year painting cards, pictures and bookmarks for my friends and loved ones. I have lost track of how any I have given out. I have never felt mentally happier. Art has enriched my life and the life of my partner and son via my happiness!

Then in January 2018 I discovered a you tube channel that absolutely made me fall in love with mixed media! I have since filled a composition book (a personal journal and a watercolor) with fat juicy pages of gesso, paper, acrylic&watercolor paints, ink, markers, fabric and more. It is the most satisfying feeling I have ever experienced. Sometimes, when inspiration hits I will literally sing with happiness as I pour it out onto the paper. I have followed tons of artists on instagram and discovered a world of artists I never knew existed.

I have sold one painting and four mothers day cards. It is not much yet,and I do not have a website. I am doing a vendor spot at a local art festival in May and am hoping to at least attract some admirers of my art and have a great time talking art.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and have a lovely day

And here are some of her watercolor Florals…I LOVE the poppies!

Contact Kendra and see more of her work: by visiting her FACEBOOK and check out her INSTAGRAM Page….You won’t be sorry!

As Always, Peace & Light & Keep Creating!


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“È l’opposto della guerra non la pace, è una creazione!” ~ Affitto

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