What’s New?  Featured Artist Philothei Hatzigiannak

What’s New? Featured Artist Philothei Hatzigiannak



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We are lucky enough this week to have a hidden gem from Greece, Philothei and her amazing 3D work!  And we’re going to show that gem to the world for everyone to see her shine!  I’m in Italy and I’m still jealous…Greece must be an inspiring place to create!

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One of my favorite pieces of Philothei’s was her tree called “The Rescue”.  It reminded me so much of the Tree of Life that I was and am mesmerized by it.  It’s called “The Rescue” and it gave me pause thinking about how the name came about.  To me, you see the object in the middle of the tree like a lock and key and perhaps it’s a metaphorical piece of either escaping life, being rescued from life or even “finding the key” to life leading to a spiritual rescue.  Now these are just my opinions as a viewer.  Which leads us back to the age old question, Is Art What the Artist Intended or Is Art What the Viewer Gets out of It?  Feel free to post below on whatever platform you’re reading this with your thoughts about this age old debate.

“The Rescue”


Here are some other various interpretations of the Tree of Life….and the story behind it.

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A Few Words From Philothei

Hi! My name is Philothei Hatzigiannaki, I am from Greece and I have studied silversmithing, which I have been occupied with for 25 years. In the meantime, I created various objects and painted.

I don’t work until I have found something that will influence me. This could be a book, a story, a song… Then I begin, put imagination and love into what I’m doing,

I also really like peace and quiet, not only the time I’m working but in my life as a whole.

I adore all my works and consider them all my favourite, just like I can’t distinct my love between my two children. All of them are unique and endearing.

I adore all my works and consider them all my favourite, just like I can’t distinct my love between my two children. All of them are unique and endearing.

Moreover, I have a special place in my heart for gardening, as I really love flowers.

My dreams and goals, for the time being, include making my works get known to the broad public,

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The Thief

Any thoughts on the title of this piece?

Please comment below!

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Stunning Journal


Some of the Materials used in these pieces are

Make Your Own Journals

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Another Great Sculpture Journal

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As Always, Peace & Light & Keep Creating!


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